WhatsApp Launches In-App Business Directory

Rapheal Chukwumah September 21, 2021
WhatsApp has launched a new feature to make it possible to search for businesses within its app for the first time. The company is giving us...Read More

Top 10 Most Downloaded Movies of The Week

Rapheal Chukwumah September 20, 2021
The weekend is here again, and its either you are making money, watching movies or attending parties. For me, I’ll rather settle down with t...Read More

This Week Most Downloaded Movies

Rapheal Chukwumah August 21, 2021
I have made line up of movies for you to watch this weekend to avoid every form of boredom if you are not partying, or attending weddings. A...Read More

Meet Xiaomi CyberDog A Dynamic Robot Dog

Rapheal Chukwumah August 15, 2021
The Chinese company Xiaomi is full of surprises, and has unveiled another future technology product with its new bio-inspired quadruped robo...Read More
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