iPhone 7 To Come With Wireless Charging, New Earbuds

iPhone 7 To Come With Wireless Charging, New Earbuds

As always, rumors precede upcoming Apple products and the iPhone 7 is no exception. Based an a couple of patent applications filed by Apple, it has been deduced that the next generation iPhone might be waterproof. It has also been said the the device might heal itself through the use of a “self-healing elastomer” material.

And just a few days ago, we published a report claiming that theiPhone 7 might come with a 256GB storage and a larger battery. Well, none of these rumors are confirmed but a new report published by Fast Company was in line with existing rumors, and we got some more juicy details.
The headphone jack is gone

Rumors have been circulating about this. A group of Apple fans are even kicking against the idea and a petition has been created with over 210,000 signatures already. According to the report, a source close to Apple revealed that Apple is removing the 3.5mm jack from the next iPhone to make it thinner.

The next iteration of the iPhone might do away with the 3.55mm jack to make the device thinner. Image credit: Gdgtcompare / Youtube

It is said that instead of the traditional earphone jack, Apple will use the lightning cable port for wired sound output. The device might also ship with wireless earbuds with noise cancelling technology.

iPhone 7 might support wireless charging

Apple is far behind in this regard as competitors like Samsung already have devices that support wireless charging. The source revealed that Apple is finally considering implementing the feature on the iPhone 7 and there’s a very high possibility it’s going to happen.

An iPhone 7 concept demonstrating inductive wireless charging. Image credit: Gdgtcompare / Youtube

However, it won’t be the first Apple device to support wireless charging as the Apple Watch already has wireless inductive charging feature.
A Waterproof iPhone 7

The report also points to a waterproof iPhone 7 but this rumor has been circulating for a while already. Even if this happens, it’s not going to be a surprise. Apple made the iPhone 6S almost totally waterproof but it wasn’t mentioned during the launch.

It’s only expected the waterproof feature on the iPhone 6S gets perfected on the next generation iPhone.

Release date

There’s no word on the release date yet but analysts speculate it should be around September. It should be noted that even though Apple may be working on the features mentioned, they may not make it to the final build of the device as the company often changes things at the last minute.

Perhaps more details will leak when Apple finally goes into production.
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