Leaked Images Of Unreleased Nokia Phones Appear

Leaked Images Of Unreleased Nokia Phones Appear

We saw an alleged image of Nokia C1 last year but there hasn’t been much information on the device ever since. The device was rumored to run Android OS and Windows, and we saw that in the renders that surfaced online. Whether it was actually real is one thing nobody knows.

Last year December too, we spotted an unreleased Nokia smartwatch and published the photos in this article. This points to the possibility that Nokia probably has a lot of uncompleted projects. Some leaked images we saw recently revealed two unreleased Nokia smartphones.

These images were posted by a Weibo user a few days ago. One of the devices shown appears to have a metal body with antenna stripes at the back. Both devices look very different from the the alleged Nokia C1 renders previously seen but then, we still don’t have any details about this device.

The contract Nokia has with Microsoft forbids the Finnish company company from releasing a phone now. It’s a possibility we might see a Nokia phone toward the end of the year as the agreement will expire by Q4 2016. Based on the leaked image, the metal-clad phone looks more like a budget phone.

Nokia has enjoyed its glory days and a lot of fans are waiting for the company to make a meaningful comeback into the mobile market.
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