Remix OS Brings Multi-Window Support To Android OS

Jide has gone from the company that cloned Microsoft Surface last year to the company that’s trying to make Android a lot more better. One of the things that has held Android OS back and hampered Pixel C’s productivity is multi-window support, but this startup has created a forked version of Android to address this and named it Remix OS.

Remix OS is a forked Android version that improves productivity with desktop-like multi-window support. Image credit:

Remix OS isn’t just like any other forked Android version, the customized user interface and the fact that you can run multiple windows at a time can make even the most skeptical person give it a second look. The company announced at the on-going CES that the OS is going to be available for free download starting from January 12.

Ultra Tablet & Remix Mini

AT CES 2015, this company showed off an “Ultra Tablet” that was nothing but a Microsoft Surface clone. There was nothing particularly spectacular about the physical appearance and hardware, but the software was a combination of Android and Microsoft’s “modern” design.

Touted as the world’s first true Android PC, Remix Mini can be plugged into any screen (TV, monitor) to run Remix OS with mouse and keyboard support.

Jide later created a Kickstarter campaign to create Remix Mini, a $70 device that runs Android OS touted as the world’s first true Android PC. You can plug it in to any TV or monitor through HDMI.
Remix OS is probably what 2-in-1 tablets should run

Remix OS takes Android to the next level and this operating system might be mistaken for a fully-fledged desktop OS at first glance. A mobile OS turned into a productivity-focused desktop-like operating system is what Remix OS is.

Though it’s based on Android, it looks like a mix of Windows 10 and Mac OS. It’s very promising and starting from mid January, you will be able to download Remix OS for free. It’s portable and you can run from a USB 3.0 flash drive. Better yet, you can choose to install to a partition on your PC. It should run smoothly on any x86 (32-bit system architecture) computer.

And by the way, Google recently announced that Android N may bring multi-window support to the operating system. If a startup created by three former Google engineers did it, Google definitely can.
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