7 Ways to Make Your Computer Last Longer

7 Ways to Make Your Computer Last Longer

To quite a lot of people, your computer is the most valuable thing you might have because quite a lot of things depend on it ranging from business documents to family photos. There are many ways to make your computer last longer but have you really tried them? If you haven’t then trying these ones out should give you a really positive result. It doesn’t matter if it has encountered problems like a couple of times before and you’ve even repaired it already, Following these steps and seriously taking the tips into full use can protect your computer from future damage and save you quite a lot of money.

1 Always Know where you keep your Laptop

Keeping your laptop in a safe and secure place is one of the most important points to note that would prevent it from some damage. One thing you should know is that no one can care for your computer the way you do and leaving it carelessly around may be dangerous. Have you considered the fact that people may sit on it behind your back by mistake? Place hot things on it? or even drop it by mistake without telling you? This is why you should always know where you keep it and be sure it’s in good hands even when you’re not there.

2 Be careful while inserting and removing the CD in your computer

You’re not expected to use your DVD drive too often as the lens often gets weak with heavy usage, you still have to be careful with the way you use it. Be careful while inserting and removing discs and you shouldn’t slam it shut too forcefully. Also, your DVD drive shouldn’t be used for movies too much, it’s better to copy the disc content on your hard drive and watch it.

3 Always eject a drive after using it

Some read-only devices may not necessarily have to be ejected properly from Windows before removal but drives such as flash drives, external hard disks and others should be properly ejected. This does not only protect your computer operating system from malfunctioning, it also protects the computer accessory from damage.

4 Always make sure you enable your antivirus

Enabling your anti-virus will help you combat any virus attack. There are many types of anti-virus but I personally use Avast. Also, be sure your to perform regular scans and that the antivirus is updated regularly, every day if possible.

5 Defragment your hard disk and check for errors

A crashed hard disk can your computer useless and make you lose every single file you have. This is why you must take good care of your hard disk and make sure it’s in a good condition everytime. Defragmenting your hard disk is one of the ways to make it last longer andmake your computer faster. Always check your hard disk for errors and fix them as soon as you detect them.

6 Make sure your computer is kept in a clean environment

It is been said that cleanliness is next to godliness, you just have to take it or simply leave it. Dust can contribut immensely to your computer damage ans the environment you place your computer should be clean. With too much dust stuck in your computer, the fan may stop blowing and when there’s nothing to cool down the process, a damage is very imminent. Also, do not keep your computer in a moist environment as moisture too can cause damages. A computer is best kept in a cool, dry room for optimal performance and longevity.

7 Always take care of your battery

Your battery is the soul of your computer so if you don’t take care of it, your system won’t last longer. For your battery to last longer you need to do the following things below.

– Dim screen brightness when running on battery
– Turn of Wi-Fi & bluetooth when not in use
– Reduce connected external devices
– hibernate instead of standby

With all these tips used appropriately, you should make the most out of your computer and even make it last longer.
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