Android vs iOS: Why The Fanboys War Doesn’t Make Sense Anymore

Android vs iOS: Why The Fanboys War Doesn’t Make Sense Anymore

The Android vs iOS debate has always been around and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Although more people are beginning to see things differently, majority still believe in the “superiority” of their OS of choice and ridicule the other one.

I stumbled on a post on CNN last weekend where the writer tried to compare the two major mobile operating systems in the world today and honestly, the article was full of blunders. The article claims Gmail is the default mail app on Android and it’s better than the default mail app on iOS. This is just one of the blunders in the article– GMail wasn’t the default mail application for Android till Lollipop and a lot of devices still run older versions of Android OS– this same Gmail app is also available for iOS. I was disappointed to see a post like that on a publication like CNN but then, most Android vs iOS articles stopped making sense to me since a couple of years ago.

Android “fanboys” batter iOS but one thing I’ve noticed is that majority of them have never actually used iOS devices actively to see the beauty in its simplicity. On the other hand, the so-called “iSheep family” too ridicule Android OS, a mobile operating system that’s probably the most versatile in the market right now.

Over the years, I’ve been using both operating systems and it’s hard to tell which is my favorite. Both are just great. Android OS lets me get around easily. Choosing default apps for different functions and easy file system access are just few of the things you won’t find by default on iOS. I used to root, install custom ROMs, mess around with Xposed framework and all that but as time went on, I got tired of customization. My present device is not even rooted . This versatility is one of the beauty of Android but I now feel like, “been there, done that.” Even in its stock firmware state, it still remains a great OS.

My first touchscreen smartphone was an iPhone 3G and I’ve owned several Apple devices over the years. I used to jailbreak and I still do. Unlike Android OS, iOS isn’t as versatile unless you jailbreak and this is why some people hate it. You’re limited to what Apple says, but this is just part of the platform’s security. iOS offers simplicity and security; it’s a mobile operating system that requires absolutely no antivirus. The quality (not quantity this time) of apps in the App Store beats what’s available in the Play Store.

Both have their pros and cons but that isn’t the purpose of this article. Whichever anyone uses is a matter of choice. Take it from someone who has been on both sides, simplicity is synonymous with iOS and versatility is what Android OS offers. The Android vs iOS debate seriously needs to stop. It’s becoming pointless.
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