Most Spectranet Customers Have One Complaint Or Another

Most Spectranet Customers Have One Complaint Or Another

I’ve spoken to quite a number of Spectranet customer but it appears everyone has one complaint or the other. This is one of the “so-called 4G LTE operators” in the country that offer nothing close to 4G LTE speed. For quite sometime now, I’ve been on this network and at first their 25GB data for only ₦8,000 looked like a good deal.

It’s obvious Spectranet offers the most data bundle compared to Smile and Swift but the truth is that a lot of Spectranet customers are not really happy despite this seemingly good deal. Why?
There is no true 4G LTE Speed

Spectranet claims to have a 4G LTE network but truthfully, the speed looks more like that of a 3G network at times. I do hit 1MB/s but its rare seeing 2MB/s. Well, maybe the coverage isn’t that strong here but there are quite a lot of people with exactly the same complaint.

Data drain

This is one thing a lot of people have complained about. Even when you’re not downloading anything with your allocated data bundle, it seems to drain at a very fast rate. I’ve seen more than one complaint on Nairaland about this and I’ve been experiencing exactly the same thing for a while now.

Here is another Nairalander lamenting on this same issue:

Speed throttling

This isn’t new as most of these operators do it. It gets to a point where you speed doesn’t go beyond 250kb/s and your speed can get throttled within the first 5 days of your subscription if care is not taken.

With all these issues, Spectranet may be losing customers and I’m already contemplating trying out a different network. It doesn’t feel right getting a 25GB data bundle you’re not really enjoying.

Are you using Spectranet? Are you experiencing exactly the same thing? Let us know in comments.
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