Samsung Takes 22.7% Of The 1.43 Billion Phones Shipped in 2015

Samsung Takes 22.7% Of The 1.43 Billion Phones Shipped in 2015

Despite reports that Samsung is a company going down, 2015 was a great year for the Korean company as it managed to ship 22.7% of all devices sold last year. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), a total of 1.43 billion phones was shipped in the year 2015 which is the highest so far. Records show that this is approximately 10.1% growth over the number shipped the year before.

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With Samsung taking the largest share, the company finished the year with a whopping 324.8 million shipments. Samsung remains the largest smartphone vendor in the world with Apple still trailing behind in terms of market share.

Apple on the other hand, shipped a total 235.1 million units in 2015 which is 16.2% of the total devices shipped for the year. It’s also the highest record the company ever had as the demand for its latest products keep growing. Compared to 2014, Apple has recorded a 20.2 % growth as the company shipped only 192.7 million devices in the previous year.

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The gap between Samsung and Apple in terms of market share may never really get thinner because Samsung is present at all market levels (high end, mid range, low end) but Apple’s focus on the high-end market remains unchanged. Anthony Scarsella, Research Manager At IDC said:

With initial Apple shipment estimates all over the map, Apple assured the public that demand for its premium smartphones is still alive and kicking. A new record-setting quarter for Apple indicates consumers continued demand for Apple’s latest offerings regarding upgraded hardware and software.

He continued:

To combat Apple at the high-end, competing vendors will need to bring value to consumers to stay relevant in the market.

Huawei seems to be the fastest growing mobile company in the world right now as it has climbed to the 3rd position within a very short time. The company shipped about 106 million devices, taking 10.6% of the market share for the year. Lenovo and Xiaomi take the 4th and 5th position respectively.
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