Sky X9W: This Crazy $11,000 Laptop Has A 64GB RAM & 5TB Disk Space

Sky X9W: This Crazy $11,000 Laptop Has A 64GB RAM & 5TB Disk Space

If you’re taking pride in your laptop with 8GB RAM, this one definitely blows it away. Sky X9W isn’t your everyday laptop, it’s a mobile workstation with configurations that will blow your mind. The manufacturer, Eurocom, is a Canadian company and this isn’t the first impressive laptop they’re coming up with.

There is an existing model, Sky X9, and this new Sky X9W is actually an upgrade. Depending on your budget, it comes in different configurations. The least configuration starts at $2,930 and it goes as high as $11,473.

As for the specifications, users can opt for any of these Intel processors: Intel’s Skylake i5-6600L, i7-6700 or i7-6700K. The display is optional as well. There’s a model with a matte Full HD (1080p) IPS display and you may opt for an ultra HD (4K) display.

On the baseline, you get a 16GB RAM (DDR4 2133MHz) but if you’re going for a 4K display, going for 64GB RAM (DDR4 2666MHz) sure makes sense. Mind you, the higher the configuration, the more expensive it gets.

A workstation like this sure needs a lot of space and Eurocom is offering up to 5 terabytes of SSD. The cheapest Sky X9W comes with a 4GB nVidia Quadro M3000M GPU. You can as well upgrade the GPU to 8GB Quadro M5000M GPU. Of course, a powerful laptop like this needs some effective cooling mechanism. There are about 3 fans onboard to keep the workstation from overheating.

This isn’t really the kind of laptop for businessmen or students, it’s specifically built for resource hungry tasks like Computer-aided Design work. The laptop is available for sale on Eurocom’s official website.
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