Teen Hacks Airline’s Website, Steals $150,000 USD

Teen Hacks Airline’s Website, Steals $150,000 USD

2015 has been an interesting year with hackers targeting companies and celebrities. From VTech to Donald Trump hotel chain, these security breaches only prove that your data isn’t safe anywhere. Even if you’re a careful individual who takes internet security seriously, the several companies you’ve entrusted your data and personal information may be breached, exposing you to threats.

As reported by People’s Daily Online, a certain teen has made up to 1.1 Million Yuan(£110,000 or $150,000) by hacking into an airline’s website and stealing customer’s information. The 19 year old then uses the stolen booking information to defraud customers.

The teenager, identified as Zhang, who was behind the breach was arrested in Dalian, China. The hacks happened between July 31 and August 20 this year but the airline announced the breach on August 22 when a lot of customers complained of being defrauded.

From the stolen information, Zhang would contact the customers through SMS that their flight had been cancelled and that they needed to re-book. He would then take the payment for re-booking.

This made the airline lose about 80,000 Yuan ($12,365 USD). Although the teenager has been arrested, it’s unclear which charges will be pressed against him.
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