“The World’s Cheapest Smartphone” Is Actually An iPhone Clone

“The World’s Cheapest Smartphone” Is Actually An iPhone Clone

A device called Freedom 251 surfaced yesterday and it was touted as the world’s cheapest smartphone. The phone sparked people’s interest primarily because of the price. The specs are worthy of a hundred bucks device but the information on Freedom 251 website says the phone will be sold for less than $4. You can read more about the phone here.

Image credit: Sanchit Khanna / Hindustan Times

Just 24 hours after the news broke, things have changed and the Freedom 251 we saw yesterday is different from what we have on the website at the moment. Unlike the image seen yesterday, review copies given to Indian media houses look more like the iPhone.

Apart from the round home key found on the iPhone, the general design speaks Apple and as a matter of fact, the software has iOS icons.

According to HindustanTimes, the phone is riddled with problems and the device may be off the market if Apple decides to go after it. The device infringes on Apple’s copyright.

It seems the company behind the phone is involved in some kind of deceit. Here is the image on the site yesterday:

And today, the image has been replaced with this iPhone clone:

The Hindustan Times received a copy and what was received looks like an iPhone inside-out. Here is what the user interface looks like:

You can clearly see the icons look more like iOS icons.

Another thing is disturbing: There’s an Adcom branding at the front covered with a whitener according to Hindustan Times. When contacted, Adcom denied knowledge of its branding being used on the phone.
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