These Are The Top 10 Worst Android Phones Ever

These Are The Top 10 Worst Android Phones Ever

Most smartphone users on Android OS have used, at least, two different Android devices. While certain devices may have the same specifications, user experience may be vary. There are devices we’ve used that were not even worth buying in the first place.

I stumbled on a reddit thread where users were asked which Android phone is the worst they’ve ever used. This article is solely based on the devices in that thread with the highest negative comments. This list doesn’t express our own views in any way.
LG G3 Stylus

User’s comment: LG G3 Stylus.. Got it for free with my contract, the screen is ultra sensitive, if a little drop of water touches the screen, itbecomes unusable for a few minutes, even if my hands are sweating a little bit. The Ram Management is terrible, I can’t have 2 apps running in the background.
Droid Charge

User’s comment: Droid Charge. Had the same internals as my old Samsung Fascinate, but was one of the first Verizon phones to support LTE. It didn’t matter, phone was so slow you couldn’t tell the difference between 3G and 4G. Plus it had something like 1GB of internal storage so that was filled quickly.
HTC Thunderbolt

User’s comment: HTC Thunderbolt…. sweet baby jesus that phone killed my impression of HTC for years… The phone’s battery was atrocious even when new, and one day died in 11 minutes (with no usage). On top of that, when connected to bluetooth, if I was streaming music and happened to get a phone call the phone would lock up. Hardware keys, everything was dead, only way to bring it back to life was a battery pull.
I pity anyone who owned or still happens to own that phone.
May the android gods have mercy on your soul
LG G2x

User’s comment: LG G2x. Holy sh*t, f*ck that phone. shudders
No explanation needed
Motorola Cliq

User’s comment: Motorola cliq. Came with cupcake. Finally got an update to eclair that made it completely unusable. Horrible phone.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus

User’s comment: Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.
Absolutely terrible battery life (even with the extended model) and performance. Potato camera. Just bad.
Ulefone Be Touch 2

User’s comment: The Ulefone Be Touch 2. The touch screen was laggy, ROM wasn’t optimized, and the fingerprint sensor wakelocks were never fixed
Samsung Galaxy Vibrant (Galaxy S)

User’s comment: Samsung Galaxy Vibrant (Galaxy S). Had terrible storage speed and a flakey almost non useable GPS antennae. Runner up for me would be the HTC M7. Overheated a lot, causing the pink camera issue.
Motorola Atrix 4G

User’s comment: Hands down the Motorola Atrix 4G. I had that phone for just over 12 months (thankfully the touchscreen died, hardware problem not me, but thank god it did). My Uncle had one that I used a few times and I thought it was the most amazing thing. This was in the time of single core 800mhz-1GHz processors and 512mb of RAM phones, this phone debuted with a fingerprint scanner, dual core 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM.
Motorola EOL’d it like within 12 months, never got ICS, and never got the 3.x kernel so it was basically unusable on ICS, we got an ICS leak that had some wicked battery drain problems, and the phone heated up so bad.
The fingerprint scanner was virtually useless, it was a swipe scanner, and it was just weird to use, and the fact that it only worked on either stock Motoblur or Neutrino ROM (which I stayed on most of the time tbh) was a bit of a downfall.
Thankfully there was some hardware problem where after 12 months the touchscreen started to die, and so my screen was having some serious problems and about a fortnight later the whole bottom half of the screen and capacitive buttons died. Bought a Galaxy Nexus and never looked back.
HTC Wildfire

User’s comment: HTC wildfire, the lag is over 9000.

Over to you

You’ve possibly used some Android devices too over the years. Which one do you consider the worst of them all?
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