TunesGo Review: Complete Music Manager For PC, iOS & Android

TunesGo Review: Complete Music Manager For PC, iOS & Android

The original Wondershare TunesGo software (now TunesGo Retro) was reviewed over a year ago but this new version is a huge upgrade. iTunes may be great, but a software like this makes your music library even more organized. The new WonderShare TunesGo does a lot more besides being a great music manager for iOS, the newly added features make it even more compelling to be a replacement for your Android device music management.

I’ve been using this software for a while and it has actually turned messy music archive to a well-organized library. Well, you won’t have to completely do away with iTunes as your iTunes library integrates flawlessly with TunesGo.

User Interface

You don’t need a tutorial to use the software because it has an intuitive user interface. It’s quite straightforward and it you’re used to iTunes, you should have no problem at all with TunesGo.

The interface isn’t cluttered but still offers quite a lot of options. Your iTunes playlist is displayed on the left panel along with the basic things the software allows you to do.
Complete Music Management

iTunes may be great for music management but TunesGo makes it all better. This software lets you do more with your music collection. One of the things I like most about it is that you can search for songs and download them without leaving the app interface. TunesGo lets you download songs from Youtube, Soundcloud, MTv, Vimeo, Vevo and lots more.

Not only that, you can download videos from these sites as well and the software properly tags them, adding album information and everything. One newly added feature is the ability to download a whole Spotify playlist. All you need to do is paste the link and watch it happen.
Recording Streaming Audio

If you’re streaming from sites like Jango, Deezer or an online radio station and you don’t have a premium account to enable download, there’s a feature within this software that lets you record streaming audio. You can record audio from any source and the end result sounds just like it should.

The audio quality isn’t impaired and recording isn’t limited to just streaming audio from your browser, the recorder works with any music source.
Playlist File Transfer Between Devices

Gladly, this software didn’t only work with my iOS device, it can be a great companion to your Android phone too. If you’ve been looking for a software to transfer music and playlist across your devices, TunesGo does it perfectly.

I was able to transfer my iTunes Playlist from my PC to an iOS device, and then transfer the same playlist to an Android phone. Although I had issues connecting the device at first, all I had to do was turn on USB debugging from Developer Options to make it work. You can as well transfer playlists from a mobile device to your PC
Adding Album Art and Song Information

Nobody likes missing song information and songs with no album art, but fixing these issues manually is almost impossible if you have a huge music archive. TunesGo can fix this in just a few clicks.

Let it scan your music library for issues and the software will automatically fix songs with missing information and missing album art, making your music library organized.


Before buying the software, you can get a free trial to evaluate if it’s really worth buying or not. The standard lifetime licence costs $59.95. You can even get it for as low as $39.95 if the 1 year subscription is okay by you. Download the free trial.
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