Windows 10 Adoption Rate Continues To Soar, Hits New Record

Windows 10 Adoption Rate Continues To Soar, Hits New Record

Windows 10 adoption rate has been on the rise since the operating system was released last year. We reported last December when Windows 10 install hit over 200 million. It’s still counting and right now, it’s the 2nd most used desktop operating system.

Microsoft is very confident in the OS and it has been very aggressive in pushing the platform to consumers. The adoption rate has been on the rise and the recently released report by StatsCounter further proves this. Microsoft has already claimed its latest OS is the fastest growing version of Windows ever and this may be true.

A laptop running Windows 10. Image credit: Digital Trends

Windows 10 has received positive feedbacks from users and this might have further helped Microsoft. Unlike Windows 8 which was more suited to touch devices, Windows 10 is a lot more usable on desktop as it combines features from Windows 10 and the aesthetically appealing Windows 8 user interface.

Right now, Windows 10 has overtaken Windows 8 and OS X according to StatsCounter. Windows 10 market share in the US is now 15.67% as it follows Windows 7 which has a 40.47 share. OS X stands at 15.17% followed by Windows 8.1 at 11.7%

Similarly in the UK, Windows 7 is still in the lead at 36.77% followed again by Windows 10 at 22.42%. The adoption rate in the UK looks better than in most parts of the world.

In Nigeria however, the adoption rate isn’t as fast as in other parts of the world. Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are still very much in the lead.

Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounteR said in a statement:

Microsoft’s determined promotion of Windows 10 seems to be having an impact. However, there remains a lot of loyalty to Windows 7 and it will be interesting to see if it becomes the equivalent of XP which, 14 years after launch, refuses to lie down and still has a 8% global share in terms of desktop internet use.
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