7 Important Data Security Tips For Small Businesses

If you think cyber-criminals only target big corporations, you’re wrong. In lots of cases, it is easier for cyber-thieves to steal data from small businesses since security is always somewhere between low and non-existent. To protect your business and customers’ data, there are important security tips you should consider implementing.

Data security is worth investing on because a breach can ruin your business and the trust that customers have in your service. Investing in security doesn’t have to be monetary, small efforts here and there can go a long way.

Encryption is paramount

Since you collect personal information from customers, it is important to ensure no one gets to intercept this during transmission. Using a secure connection such as Secure Sockets Layer ensures you that the data you collect is securely sent. It is your responsibility to protect your customers’ credit card information. If your site is not being accessed through a secure and encrypted protocol, you shouldn’t be collecting personal or credit card information.
Keep your antivirus software updated

Are the computers in your office running the latest version of the installed antivirus and anti-spyware programs? Most small businesses make this mistake and run obsolete versions of their security software, leaving the data on their local drives at risk. Neglecting this simple tip can have devastating effects.

Your business website’s software too must be up-to-date

It’s a common practice to see business websites running popular software like WordPress, OpenCart and so on. You should know that these scripts are constantly updated to patch bugs and fix security issues. You must ensure you’re running the latest version of your website software all the time.
Strong passwords can’t be over-emphasized

You’ve probably heard this like a thousand times before but we’re still going to say it again. It’s very important to protect sensitive data with strong passwords and it’s even great if you endeavor to change this at regular intervals. Make it strong, hard to guess and hard to crack. If you operate small businesses with personal properties security register search, this must not be neglected as well.

Firewall your connection

As long as you’re connected to the Internet, your business is at risk. This is why you need to have a strong firewall to filter what goes out and what comes in. This will prevent remote, unauthorized used of your work computers.

Monitor your staff

While this sounds evil, it’s in the best interest of you and your business. There are monitoring software everywhere and installing one on the company’s computers is advised. Officials lines too should be kept monitored.
Be confident in whom you hire

This is probably the hardest part. A security breach from within is always hard to prevent and this is why your hiring process may need to be rigorous. Verifying referees isn’t enough, doing background check should also be considered.

A business shouldn’t be all concerned with making profit and expanding, customers’ data security is a responsibility that must be taken very seriously.
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