Criminals Prefer The iPhone Because Of Its Strong Encryption

Criminals Prefer The iPhone Because Of Its Strong Encryption

As the war between Apple and the US Government gets messier, three law enforcement groups have told the court in a filing that criminals prefer the iPhone because of the encryption it offers. The group said criminals are now switching to iPhones due to the strong encryption Apple now puts on its devices.

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Since iPhones are now criminals’ “device of choice,” the encryption is being used to cover their tracks and secure their privacy. According to Reuters, the law enforcement groups that submitted the filing include Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association and two others.

The groups told the US Department of Justice that there were “numerous instances” where criminals switched to iPhones so as to secure their communication although any specific instance wasn’t mentioned. However, it was mentioned that during an intercepted jailhouse phone call in 2015, an inmate did call Apple’s encrypted OS “another gift from God.”

The FBI has requested Apple to create a backdoor into their device to retrieve information from the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone but Apple resisted the court order as this would set a dangerous precedent. Apple maintains that such a tool, if created, will undermine the privacy of their customers if it gets into the wrong hands. Quite a number of tech companies like Facebook, Google, Miscrosoft and many others have backed Apple on this case. These companies have filed legal briefs in support of Apple’s fight for consumers’ privacy protection.

According to Tim Cook, Apple has cooperated with the FBI in the past in similar cases but this is different. It involves Apple creating an insecure version of their operation system with all encryption removed. This means creating a backdoor that would allow a device’s security to be easily compromised.

While Apple is getting support from tech companies, the FBI is supported by various law enforcement groups. The case is still in court.
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