How To Disable All Notification Balloons in Any Version of Windows

If you are anything like me, you hate seeing all the popup notification balloons that Windows shows. These range from computer security alerts, to update alerts, and more. Today we will teach you how to disable these notification balloons in Windows 8, 8.1, and 10.

Please note that this tutorial is about disabling system notifications, however, if you want to disable the application specific notifications, otherwise known as Toaster notifications, you will need to read

How To Disable Toaster Notifications In Windows 8.

Manual Registry Hack

Please note that the first method we will discuss requires that you add and edit registry keys, and while I am all about messing with your computer to learn more about it, you should refrain from doing so unless you are sure you can follow our directions exactly, or if you have a spare computer that you aren’t really attached to.

The first method we will discuss today requires you to use the Registry Editor. Begin by pressing the “Windows Button + R” to open the run dialog box. Next, enter the word “regedit” and press “Run”.

Once you have done that, depending on your UAC settings, you may see a confirmation window like the one below. If you do, simply press “Yes” to run regedit.exe.

Now that regedit is open, navigate to the following key:

Once you are in this directory, right-click on any blank space on the right pane and create a new 32-bit DWORD registry key.

After creating the key, you will need to name it:

Next, right click on the key and click on “Modify…” Ensure that the value is set to “0”. Once you have done that, you will need to log off your computer and log back in to put the change into effect.

After logging back in, your changes will be applied and you will see the effects, or to be more accurate, you won’t.
Downloadable Registry Hack

If you would like to use this method to enable or disable the notification balloons in Windows 8 or up without having to mess with the registry, we also have the perfect solution for you. Simply download our handy registry hacks included in the link below, extract the files, and double click on the one you want to apply.

Download Disable/Enable Notification Balloons Registry Hack

Next, click on the “Run” button in the popup window and “yes” in the confirmation window for opening the registry editor.

Lastly, click on “Yes” to allow the hack to make changes to your registry.

Once the process is complete, you will see a message that tells you the key was successfully added to your registry.

Please note that these tips will work on operating systems going as far back as Windows Vista.
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