iPhone 6s Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Drop Test Video

iPhone 6s Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Drop Test Video

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 6s Plus are two of the most valuable devices in the market right now and there’s a YouTube video already showing how durable these devices are. EverythingApplePro put Samsung’s latest device against Apple’s and both devices did suffer some visible damage.

If you’re in a hurry, you probably want to know which of the devices is more durable. iPhone 6s Plus appears tougher and less likely to have a cracked screen.

Most of us would normally drop our phone from the waist level and both devices still had their display intact when this test performed. This means that accidental drops while holding either of the phones shouldn’t completely damage them.

The back glass at the back of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was the first to give in and shatter. EverythingApplePro took it to the extreme, dropping both devices from 10ft, and later 20ft.

iPhone 6s Plus display remained intact but the device had lots of scratches and there was even a noticeable bend. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge couldn’t take the pressure anymore and ended up with a shattered screen. You can watch the video below:
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