Is It Possible to Completely Disable the Bookmarks Bar in Google Chrome?

While you can easily deactivate the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome and not see it during normal browsing, it does reappear regardless of your settings when opening new tab pages. So how do you make it completely disappear? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post discusses some options to help a frustrated reader deal with the bookmarks bar.

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The Question

SuperUser reader nowox wants to know if it is possible to completely disable the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome:
I would like to completely disable the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome, but I am unable to find any information on the Internet that shows me how to do this. If I disable the bookmarks bar, it still appears as an embedded bar on the “new tab/search” page.

If I right click and select “Show bookmarks bar”, I see this:

If I go to the bookmarks manager and delete all the useless bookmarks, I still see the bookmarks bar:

How can I completely disable it?

Is it possible to completely disable the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome?

The Answer

SuperUser contributors CustomX and deltab have the answer for us. First up, CustomX:

From what I know and have found in the past, it is impossible to completely remove the embedded bookmarks bar from the “new tab/search” page. Even if you have the “Show bookmarks bar” option disabled in Google Chrome, it will still show an alternative embedded version of the bar within the “new tab/search” page.

You do have two options:

Move your bookmarks from the bookmarks bar to a different folder (Bookmarks > Bookmark manager).
Set up a home page other than the “new tab/search” page so that when you start Google Chrome, you will not see the bookmarks bar.

Followed by the answer from deltab:

Google Chrome’s default “new tab/search” page (NTP) always shows the bookmarks bar, even if you turn it off for all other web pages. You can, however, install browser extensions that replace the “new tab/search” page. The replacements for the “new tab/search” page do not automatically display the bookmarks bar (but can do so with some extra programming).

For example, Google’s Earth View extension does not show the bookmarks bar whereas Pinterest’s extension does display it.

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