Meet The NoPhone, The World’s Most Useless Phone

Meet The NoPhone, The World’s Most Useless Phone

If you think you’ve seen the last of crazy tech inventions in the year 2015, you’ve probably never heard of the NoPhone. This isn’t your regular smartphone with a touchscreen and a working Li-ion battery, it works (or doesn’t work) without needing a battery and it doesn’t even have a screen.

The NoPhone Zero (image credit: KickStarter)
It’s definitely not a gift you want to receive this Christmas because the thing has no camera, no battery, no real screen and it does absolutely nothing. You can’t even call with it and yes, this is why it’s called ‘NoPhone.’ You might as well call it a dummy phone.

It comes in three models: the $5 NoPhone Zero that’s completely featureless and looks like a slab, the $10 NoPhone with completely fake ports and buttons and the $15 NoPhone Selfie with a fake camera plus a mirror. All three ‘phones’, or NoPhones, do nothing.

The most expensive NoPhone Selfie lets you send selfies to yourself via the mirror (image credit: KickStarter)
According to Van Gould, a co-founder of the company behind fake phone company:

NoPhone simulates the exact weight and dimensions of your most beloved gadget in order to alleviate any feelings of inadequacy generated by the absence of a real smartphone.

Surprisingly, it has already sold over 4,000 copies. The Kickstarter campaign that birthed NoPhone raised $18,000 and it began in 2014.

This fake phone may be totally useless but then, if you’re addicted to your smartphone and you can’t seem to keep your hands off it, having this fake phone with you instead of your real smartphone sometimes might help you develop some restraint.

A testimonial on the website says:

Now I can eat food without taking photos of it. Thanks NoPhone.

Another one says:

Because of the NoPhone, I haven’t drunk texted my ex boyfriend in one whole week.

Want to cure your smartphone addiction? The NoPhone is being sold on
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