See Why ISIS Terrorists Love Nokia 105

If there’s any device that can be called the official ISIS phone for detonating bombs, it’s none other than Nokia 105. This phone is used by ISIS fighters to trigger bombs and it’s their favorite device for this act of terrorism.

A research conducted by the arms monitoring group CAR (Conflict Armament Research) in February shows this particular device is always being used to trigger remote-controlled explosive devices in the Middle-East.

Speaking to NBC, CAR director Jonah Leff said:

What we have found with other components is that there are a limited number of people teaching ISIS fighters how to use these items for explosives. These people have streamlined the industry of bomb-making with this particular phone.
According to Jonah Leff, there’s nothing special about the phone but then, it’s probably their choice because it’s easily accessible and the supply is always there. Also, this phone is dirt cheap and costs less than $30 in the United States.
Besides, the phone is very durable and the vibration is pretty intense. The long-lasting battery may also be the reason why this feature phone is their phone of choice. All the terrorists need is a phone that vibrates and Nokia 105 is perfect for the job.
The weakest link in the supply chain is most likely small businesses that acquire the phone in large quantity from whom ISIS probably hijacked (or bought) them. Unfortunately, there’s nothing Microsoft, Nokia’s parent company, could do about this even though its product is being massively used in acts of terrorism.
You can read the full report here.
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