Tecno Mobile Launches Tecno Spot, An Online Community For Users

Tecno Mobile Launches Tecno Spot, An Online Community For Users

Tecno Mobile has extended its online user support beyond Facebook & Twitter with the launch of a new community. Tecno Spot was officially launched on the 1st of March and it isn’t just a support forum. The platform aims to inform and entertain, not only Tecno Mobile users, but anyone using an Android device. Although it may be considered a site primarily for Tecno users at first, the site offers more than just product support for Tecno Mobile phones.

Tecno Spot has different sections. There is one specifically for HiOS, Tecno’s very own customized version of Android OS optimized for personalization and best performance. There is also a product forum with sub-categories for all major product lines: Camon, Boom and Phantom.

The General forum talks about everything else including tips and tricks to get the most out of your device, general technology news and everything of interest.

Issues with users’ devices can easily be resolved on this platform as there are tutorials and technical how-tos to help them through. Besides, users of the platform can even help one another in resolving issues and offering advices.

The need to visit Carlcare for every little thing should be greatly reduced now. Carlcare support staff too are also part of the community to help users with technical issues and provide answers to questions about their devices.

If you’re already looking for reasons to pick up a Tecno device, perhaps this should be added to the list since adequate support is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a device apart from some other points listed in this article.

Tecno Spot is available for users in Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Egypt. We do hope Tecno Mobile is already working on an Android app for the community as this will encourage its use even more. Creating an account is easy, you can sign up here.
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