Top 3 Game Profilers For PC Games Key Mapping

Game Profilers For PC Games Key Mapping

As a PC gamer, you’ve probably come across games with absolutely no support for gamepads. Such games have to be played using the keyboard and mouse. While some people enjoy it, I really don’t. I find it awkward controlling games using the keyboard because I never get it right.

Games like Call of Duty do not support game controllers but there’s a way out. As a matter of fact, there are different programs available for this purpose and whichever you use depends on your choice.

Pinnacle Game Profiler

This is one of the best game profilers out there as it offers tons of options you won’t find in others. The key mapping software is actively supported and there are many preset profiles for lots of popular games. It also supports a wide range of controllers.

However, it doesn’t come free. With a one-time payment of $19.99, you can own the software and get free lifetime upgrades. There seems to be a promo going on as it now sells for only $5.99. You can try it for free before purchase.


This is also one of the top-rated game profilers. Compared to Pinnacle Game Profiler, it’s easier to use and the UI is straightforward. However, it doesn’t have as much features as you can find on PGP. It used to be free until version 5.3 but not any longer. You can get it for $9.99. Unfortuanely, you can’t try it out before buying. Visit theofficial website.


JoyToKey too works pretty well but the user interface has so many options it becomes intimidating to a first-timer. It’s a shareware and you can use it for free before purchasing a licence for $7. Visit the official website.
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