Whatsapp Will Soon Let There Users Wirite Text In Bold and Italic

WhatsApp Wants To include Different Font

If you love to play around with fonts, this upcoming WhatsApp feature may be what you’ve been waiting for. A beta version of WhatsApp now lets users write in bold and italics.

This update should be pushed to all users very soon. For now, only beta testers can access this feature and it makes the platform a bit more fun to use.

Just recently, a leaked screenshot of an unnamed version of WhatsApp was spotted making video calls. Although we’re actually yet to see this, the app has received a major update that now lets you attach documents to your messages.

More great features are coming to WhatsApp and another leaked feature is end-to-end encryption and Facebook integration which i talked about some weeks back.

Since the platform was acquired by Facebook, it keeps going through a lot of changes, mostly positive. Apart from text formatting, the upcoming update too features a redesigned settings page. Long messages too now get a “read more” feature and the profile page gets a facelift.

To write in italics, you need to add underscores before and after your text. For example, _italics_ automatically becomes italics. To write in bold as well, asterisks are required before and after your text. Writing *bold* becomes bold. You can as well combine both.

To have a feel of what the new update looks like, you can join the beta program here. For now, only beta testers can use this feature.
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