5 Best Antivirus Software Programs For 2016 (Free And Paid Versions)

We all would admit to the fact that a device(laptops, computers & smartphones) without an antivirus is prone to viruses, malware’s and most probably “hacks” when I say hacks, I do not mean cheap social media hacks such as WhatsApp hacks, Facebook hacks, and others. No, I’m talking about serious credit card breach, personal information theft, and incriminating details if there are any. Imagine you losing hundreds of thousands of dollars or naira as the case may be, each and every day just because you didn’t pay for something not really up to $100 or sometimes, free! That sounds folly, right?

Anyways, don’t get too hard on yourself, if you don’t have an antivirus yet or you’re troubled on the antivirus you need to get, don’t get yourself stressed as I’m about to make things easier.

Below are the top 5 best antivirus software’s you should opt for, free and paid software’s.

1. Avast AntiVirus (Free and paid)

Why Avast and why is it topping my list? it’s simple, everyone uses it. Yes, when I say everyone, I mean everyone and you too should use it. In June 2012, a survey was projected by Opswa, in this survey, of over 150 antivirus software’s which I can’t start listing right now, Avast was ranked as the number one (1) most used antivirus software with over 17% usage and over 230 million downloads. With Avast antivirus, your details are secured. Their latest update is a must use, it is compatible with any Windows “computer or laptop” devices, Mac and Android devices as well.

Everything, including antivirus software programs, has its cons and here are those of Avast;
Internet connection is needed to download, maintain and activate updates.

The avast free version isn’t supported on Microsoft Windows Servers.

Download link for free version
Download link for paid version

2. BitDefender AntiVirus (Free and Paid)

BitDefender is the second best antivirus software on my list. Of course, it does has a free version, just a few people know about this though. Cyber attacks are more prominent than robberies this day, BitDefender offers a complete protection from this. Some of this spectacular software features are;
HTTP Scanning: The HTTP scan protects you from scams such as the credit card theft.
Anti-Rootkit: Anti-rootkit protects you from stealth software’s, that are malicious and gives hackers easy access to your computer.

Just like Avast, BitDefender does have it’s own cons as well, here are few of them;
BitDefender is probably the most expensive antivirus software, their lowest package which is suitable for 5 computers and lasts for 2 years only is offered at $278 and the most expensive which is suitable with 50 computers is been sold at $1740.

Download link for free version

Download link for paid version

3. ESET (Paid and Trial)

ESET is one of the less decorated and underrated antivirus software you could stumble upon. It offers maximum protection like other good antivirus but I wonder why people forget about it. Although, I could relate to some people who says it doesn’t offer the free package like Avast and co. putting this aside, it’s one of the best. This software offers some outstanding features such as;
Its ability to provide adequate protection against Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Phishing, Adware and Rootkit.
Proper scanning for incoming and outgoing emails.
It offers a professional and user-friendly interface

Just like Avast and BitDefender, ESET does have it’s own cons as well, which are;
Customer support is reported to be frustrating.
Unlike Avast, it doesn’t inform you of its new definitions and updates.

Download link for trial version

Download link for paid version

4. Avira (Free and paid)

To be realistic with you, Avira hasn’t been so impressive this year, which is quite devastating. Regardless, they’re still on top of their game. I will rate their free antivirus second to Avast. Some of my favorite features of the Avira antivirus are;
Its compatibility with any Windows, Mac or Mobile devices, it is available for your windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 devices respectively.
Fast Scanning
With a license, you could get 5 different devices covered, including your Mac, Windows, Smartphones(such as iPhones and Androids). The maximum a license could cover is 5 devices.

Just like others, it also has its own con which is;
Provocative installation process.

Download link for free version

Download link for paid version

5. Kaspersky (Paid and Trial)

Yet another spectacular antivirus software, Kaspersky deals with malware’s like no other. Unlike some other antivirus software’s it doesn’t reduce the speed of your computer. Whenever a corrupt files or websites are detected it kills them instantly and doesn’t mistake faulty or dangerous files with the good ones. Kaspersky has numerous of interesting features but the best of them are;
Low RAM usage
Fast malicious detection

What are Kaspersky downsides?

Download link for trial version

Download link for paid version

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