7 Ideas to Guide Children in Using New Technologies

Children have access to the Internet from their early stages. In many houses, smartphones, tablets or computers naturally coexist with other toys. In fact, it is very common for toy companies develop specific computers for children with child interactive games.

Because children live with these devices and know how to handle them without receiving any training. They just observe and use their intuition. But, unaware of the risks resulting from both uncontrolled use as overuse, how do you help them?

How to teach children to use technology responsibly

We all know that children need to go out, go to the park, play with friends etc. but at the same time, the technology today is part of kids’ everyday life. Undoubtedly this advanced technology interferes with their healthy activities and it can be very beneficial and dangerous too. To enjoy the perks and avoid the perils, you need to guide children how they can use new technologies responsibly. Here are some tips for you!

1. Set a time limit: Do not allow access to new technologies to the kids is not logical since they have to live with it throughout their life, even at school increasingly such tools for teaching are introduced. However, limiting its use and controlling the time spent is crucial. It is desirable to establish a routine for kids and that you can do with the help of screen time apps for Android such as FamilyTime that let parents manage their kids’ screen time. The app offers a range of feature that allow parents to enable device locks remotely while adding auto screen lock schedules.

2. Guiding children in navigation: It’s true that kids today are very intuitive and they know how to navigate without taking classes, but you may not know what they do with the technology or content they see or how to proceed with advertising that is asking to download the file. Teaching these little scenarios is essential.

3. Learn with children: You may not know the technology well, but it is important to know how kids work or what possibilities you may have to teach your children to use the technology properly. Perhaps your children can also teach you tricks or ways to use devices and believe it or not they will be proud to have taught something to their parents.

4. Explain the dangers: Knowing the risks on the Internet is important to avoid them .Children must know what can happen if they give their data or contact information with strangers or browse pages that are for adults.

5. Using technology for more than just to play: It’s okay to let your child play with the smartphone in the doctor’s office so that they sit quietly, however, the technology offers much more than games. You can use the interest of children to deepen the Internet and watch documentaries or information about what they like best.

6. Monitor navigation: The child’s autonomy on the Internet is not without risk. Leaving kids alone with the tablet means they can finish accessing content not suitable for their age or they can see something they can’t understand. This is scary so take some time to navigate through the internet and control the child’s use of the devices.

7. Create a climate of dialogue: So they can tell you if they have come across something strange or frightening.
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