Change Your Windows 10 PC Experience with these free apps

Are you getting the most out of your Windows 10 PC? Use these free apps to scan your hardware, check your internet speed and optimize your system!

Network Speed Test

Using servers all over the world, Network Speed Test measures your network connection's latency and throughput. Based on your connection's speed, Network Speed Test will tell you what activities you might be able to do, such as stream music or video calls. Slide to the right to see a history of your previous tests for easy comparisons.


Dying to know what's inside your Windows 10 machine? AIDA64 is designed to unlock the deeper mysteries of your PC. Want to know what CPU you have? What graphic card? What kind of memory? AIDA64 will let you know. 

Save Battery

Protect your battery from overcharging with Save Battery application. This application notifies you when battery is fully charged. You can also select battery level and many customization. You will never forget the Phone/Tablet/Surface/Laptop on charge for a long period. This will extend the life of your battery.

WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer can help you to identify Wi-Fi problems, find the best channel or the best place for your router/access-point by turning your PC/laptop, tablet or mobile device into an analyzer for your wireless network.

PC Benchmark

Check your system components with this handy app. PC Benchmark will help you measure the speed of primary PC components, including your storage, memory, CPU and graphics processor.
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