Tweaking IMEI for the purpose of getting free data is one common cheat amongst MTN users, as free data is given to most new device, then using the related IMEI of that device, you can equally get the free internet data on your android device.

I already published a guide on how to change IMEI on Tecno, Infinix and other MTK devices… >>> Read guide here <<< if your android device is not an MTK device, then I advise you change the IMEI here. Once you get the knowledge of how to change the IMEI of your android device, this tweak becomes very easy for you.

To get started with the MTN 750MB IMEI trick for 2016, there is an app codenamed “IMEI Analyzer”… you’ll be needing the app to validate any tweaked IMEI… the trick isn’t stressful as people say, just within few minutes, you’re through with the tweaking… seconds if lucky.

For now, here’s the List of working MTN 750MB IMEI trick….
35298505269****Update: 35237305816**** (after tweaking, send SMART to 131)

IIMEI will be updated........ so always check back for latest

The star “*” sign are missing numbers, all you need to do is guess any number and input, then use the IMEI Analyzer to see if the IMEI is valid… if it’s not valid, you should know that someone else used exact numbers you guessed… so, keep tweaking and trying to you get a valid number…. It should take you few mins or event seconds…

Once you get a valid IMEI, and then change your IMEI to the valid IMEI you generated… After changing it, then send MIFI to 131, and you’ll be given a free 750MB data. If you’ve consumed your 750MB data, you can re-tweak to keep getting unlimited 750MB data.
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