How to Download ShowBox (MovieBox) for iPhone

iPhone and iPad users who want to watch free movies and TV shows on their devices have a limited number of options and almost none that comes free of cost. While there are a few options available for jailbroken iPhone users, ShowBox is the only free alternative to watching your favorite content for free.

Show Box is one of the most widely used applications across the mobile and web platform, which is available for iPhone and iPad devices. ShowBox has now been replaced by MovieBox for iOS devices, which enables you to watch free movies and TV shows, without jailbreaking your iDevice and voiding its warranty.

This guide will help you on how to download ShowBox / MovieBox app for iPhone and iPad, so you can watch your favorite channels, shows and movies absolutely free.

Step 1: Open the Safari app on your iPhone / iPad

On the home screen of your iDevice, tap on the Safari browser icon in the bottom bar of the screen. You can also look for the icon with a “blue compass” to find the Safari app.

In order to find the download link on how to download ShowBox / MovieBox for iPhone, you need to access the website from your device. The app cannot be installed on your iDevice from iTunes, so you have to access the download page directly from the device itself.

Step 2: Access the official MovieBox website

The MovieBox app needs to be directly downloaded to your iPhone or iPad, so make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

If your iDevice is running on iOS 6 or below, download the app from the following link:

If your iPhone or iPad is running on iOS 7, 8, or the latest iOS 9, you can download the MovieBox app for your iDevice via this link:

Step 3: Download and Install the MovieBox app on your iDevice

Once you have the reached the right download page, tap on the “Install App” button to download the MovieBox app to your iPhone. If the page asks you for a password to download the app, you can simply use the password “moviebox” to access the download page.

The web page will then guide you to the installation menu, along with a pop-up warning which asks you whether you wish to install “Movie Box” on your device. Click on “Install” and wait for your iPhone or iPad to download and install the app on your home screen.

Your iDevice will prompt you to install the app

The MovieBox app will install like any other app that you usually download from the iOS App Store. Occasionally, the device may ask you whether your permission on whether you “trust” the app. Since MovieBox does not come with a verified signature, since it is downloaded directly from the website.

MovieBox works just like ShowBox and comes with a multitude of content

If you were looking for a way on how to download ShowBox for iPhone, don’t be disappointed to find only MovieBox links here. MovieBox has been designed after ShowBox, so you can expect all the great features and a wide variety of content from the app.

Useful Tips:

The last update of the MovieBox app was released back in 2015, so installing it on the latest iPhone and iPad may give back some sort of installation error. In order to fix this, you can simply change the date of the device to one year back from the Settings app.

In some cases, the installation may fail giving back the error “It can’t be installed now”. If changing the date of your iPhone does not fix the error, you may need to jailbreak your iDevice to install the MovieBox app.
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