How to Get Deal Alerts for Just About Any Product with Slickdeals

There are so many deals that pop up every single day that it can be really difficult keep up with all of them. But there’s an easy way to track only the products you’re interested in, and receive alerts in your email when a certain deal goes live.

You might subscribe to a handful of mailing lists from multiple stores just so that you can keep track of deals that pique your interest, but that can clog up your email inbox in a heartbeat. Plus, it’s likely that you only have a few items that you’re interested in, so sifting through all of those deals can quickly become tedious–not to mention tempt you to spend money unnecessarily.

Luckily, there’s a much better way of doing things. Instead of signing up for general mailing lists that send you weekly deals and what not, you can create deal alerts that notify you when a specific product goes on sale, and we’ll show you how to set it all up.

For this, we’ll be using a service called Slickdeals, which is dedicated to posting any and all deals found in-store or online. Slickdeals has a really large community, and the users are the ones who submit the deals, with a team of moderators to curate what shows up on the front page. All of this essentially means that if there’s a deal out there, you’ll likely hear about it on Slickdeals. Best of all, Slickdeals allows you to set up alerts that get sent to your email, so you know when a product you want goes on sale.

First off, you’ll need to create an account at Slickdeals, which only requires that you enter in your email address, a username, and a password. Visit Slickdeals’ Sign Up page to create an account.

Once you create an account, you’ll receive an email to activate your account. Click on “Validate Email” inside of the email.

You’ll be taken to the Slickdeals website where you’ll get a confirmation saying that your registration is complete.

From there, go up to the upper-right corner and hover over your username. A drop-down menu will appear where you’ll then click on “My Deal Alerts”.

You’ll be taken to the page where you’ll create your custom deal alerts.

In the text box, there are several things you can type in:
A keyword for a product (Xbox One, iPad, HDTV, etc.)
A store (Best Buy, Lowe’s, Macy’s, etc.)
A brand (Dell, Levi’s, Logitech, etc.)
A category on Slickdeals (Tools, Clothing, Cameras, etc.)

If you really wanted to, you could even create a deal alert from a specific model number of a product and use that as your keyword, but I personally just like to put in something like “Philips Hue” or “Ryobi”. That way, I get a wider array of deals relating to anything specific I’m looking for, just to cover my bases.

After you type in something, click on “More Options…” to bring up some advanced options of sorts.

You’ll want the “Target Forum” to be “Hot Deals”. You can change the “Notification Method”, “When”, and “Rating” if you want, but they’re fine as is. However, if you want to consolidate deal alerts into one daily email for a keyword, instead of several of them being sent to you throughout the day, you can change “Instant” to “Daily” in the “When” section.

When you enter in a keyword and click “Create Deal Alert”, you may get a pop-up that warns you that this keyword may generate a lot of notifications, especially if it’s a generic keyword. If you’re fine with this, Click “OK”, but if not, click “Cancel” and go back to make your keyword more specific.

When you click “OK”, your new deal alert will show up in the list below and you can create as many deal alerts as you want.

Granted, Slickdeals isn’t the only deals site out there, as there are many others worth praising, but Slickdeals is arguably the most popular, and the setup process for deal alerts is really easy.
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