Most android users are still unaware that what consume their devices memory are the photos they take. I know of a girl that did complain to me about her 32GB android device experiencing insufficient space whenever she wants to load it with some other files, only for me to find out that 70% of her memory space was used up on Photo coverage.

What am I saying? Those selfie photos you do take consume as much as over 2MB per image. So, you know what it means for girls that takes hundreds of images daily. Lol… You know the funny aspect? That same bae would come to you complaining of high data consumption and she will be ignorant that it’s her regular uploads of 2MB photos that consume her internet data.

So, ever wanted to reduce the image size or compress the image size on your android device without losing the images quality? Then I advise you read through the below procedure which reveals the best practice to compressing image sizes on android without losing any quality of the image.

How to Reduce Image Size on Android without Losing Quality

Firstly, download Photo compress android application from here. The application is available on Google playstore.

Photo Compress is a very useful android application that helps reduce the size of images without losing much quality on that image. With this application, you can always compress the image sizes of those your selfie photos or any other mage from your android device.

I’ve tested this application on both my android phone and my dual-OS tablet and it worked fine for me. On my tablet, an image can consume as big as 6MB on an image. After getting my images messy with Photo compress, I was able to compress a 6MB image to 320kb without losing much image quality. Although the image won’t look like a high definition image as seen before, but lose in image quality was unnoticeable.

Some features of photo compress includes, image resize, crop & compress, ability to resize multiple images at same time, quality of compressed image can be decided by user, share options available, preview option is available and lots more.

What are you waiting for? Download Photo compress, resize your images and share on the internet without losing much data. You know how much data you’ll lose when you share that 6MB photo, but come to think of it, with photo compress, you resize to 50kb and share on the internet saving up to 5.8MB data.
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