LastPass Now Monitors Your Accounts for Security Breaches

Staying on top of security breaches and how they may or may not affect you is time consuming. Sentry, a new and free addition to the LastPass password management tool, automates the process and notifies you of breaches.

In response to all the recent and unfortunate high-profile security breaches LastPass has rolled out Sentry–a tool that monitors breach lists to notify you if your email appears in a list of breached accounts. The lists are supplied by PwnedList, a massive database of security breach data, and securely indexed against your accounts within the LastPass system. If there is a security breach and your email is on the list, you’ll receive an automated email notice indicating which website was compromised and that your email address was one of the positive matches from the breach list.

LastPass Sentry is a free feature and, as of yesterday, is automatically activated on all Free, Premium, and Enterprise level accounts. Hit up the link below to read the official announcement.

Introducing LastPass Sentry [The LastPass Blog]
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