MicFlip Reversible Micro-USB Cable Review

We all tend to plug in the micro-USB connector the wrong way but WinnerGear has solved that with the world’s first reversible micro-USB cable. If you have an iPhone, the lightning connector can be plugged in either way; same goes with USB Type-C connector. Micro-USB (Type-B) has lots of shortcomings and that has been addressed with the new Type-C plug. However, it’s going to take a while before it becomes fully adopted as manufacturers are rather slow in adding the new USB port to their devices.

The cable has a length of 200cm with corrossion-resistant, gold plated plugs at both ends.

I received a copy of MicFlip reversible micro-USB cable a couple of days ago and it works exactly as advertised. You can plug it into your device without even worrying about checking if you’re doing it the right way. I did try it with most of my gadgets with Micro-USB ports and it worked with all of them.

It started as an Indiegogo project last year with quite a huge number of backers. It has already received over $150,000 in funding and the cable is already shipping.

This cable isn’t your average cable. If measures 200cm long and the braided cable looks quite durable. The connectors at both ends are plated in gold and according to WinnerGear, it is corrosion-resistant. The gold plated plugs are encased in aluminium shells.

I was afraid the cable wouldn’t support fast-charge but it sure did. Data transfer and synchronization sync works fine too.

The cable should work flawlessly with any device with a micro-USB port.

The pretty long cable and the convenience of of the reversible plug makes it worth using.

MicFlip reversible micro-USB cable presently goes for $20 on their official website and Indiegogo project page. This may sound rather too much for a cable but this looks like a USB cable that would outlast regular ones and the convenience of a gold-plated, reversible plug should make you re-consider. I only wish the other USB Type -A end too could be reversible.
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