See this Weather Umbrella called oombrella it tells if it is going to rain

Oombrella Is A Smart Umbrella That Lets You Know If It’s Going To Rain

The Internet of Things opens door to possibilities and we’ve all sorts of devices. From smart belts to smart shoes, a smart umbrella may not even be a surprise now. Oombrella is a smart umbrella that tells when if it’s gonna rain and whether you should take it along when going out.

Everything is connected now and the idea of a smart umbrella may not really be bad. Oombrella tries hard to justify the $73 price tag placed on it. It has Kevlar ribs and this makes it wind-resistant. The conopy too seems strong enough and comes in various shades: the shiny edition,the white edition and the black edition.

Oombrella is a mini weather station on its own and has several sensors packed into it. There’s a pressure sensor onboard, a humidity sensor, a temperature sensor and a light sensor. The device is also connected to the company’s weather platform, Wezzoo. The phone app notifies you about weather conditions, the “Forget me not” feature notifies you when you too far from the umbrella and you are at the risk of leaving it behind.

Under the noise of the rain, getting a call or message triggers a blinking notification light at the umbrella’s handle. At the top is a camera screw where you can attach your camera to see ahead.

Oombrella is a Kickstarter project that’s about £9,000 short of its target. The $63 early-bird pricing has sold out already but $73 offering is still available on Kickstarter. Oombrella is a pretty great idea but many may consider the pricing a bit over the top.
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