The New iPad Pro Special Edition, You Need $21,000 To Purchase it

This special edition iPad isn’t for everyone. As a matter of fact, if you have enough cash to snap it up, you could be the only person in the world with this yellow gold iPad Pro. It has exactly the same specifications as the original iPad Pro and the internals are exactly the same, but the finishing is quite different.

This iPad Pro is to be auctioned and the proceeds are going to going to charity. The device has “Edition 1 of 1” engraved on the back and according to a Wallpaper report, this special edition iPad Pro is one of 39 lots to be auctioned on April 28.

“Time for Design” auction is organized by the design museum in partnership with Phillips to raise money for the museum’s relocation to Kensington. Design Museum curator (and auction co-curator) Deyan Sudjic Said:

We are extremely grateful to the friends of the museum who had donated such outstanding pieces to help us fulfill our ambition of creating one of London’s most important new cultural sites.
It is designed by Apple’s famous designer, Jony Ivy, and included accessories are a blue Smart Cover made from French leather and an orange cover for the Apple Pencil made from Italian calf leather. Although no price tag is on this special edition iPad Pro at the moment, there are speculations it will be sold between £10,000 to £15,000. That’s about $14,200 and $21,300.
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