This $170 Device Can Hack Into An iPhone In 6 Hours

The Apple vs FBI case made it seem like the iPhone is the world’s most secure operating system but a device that can be purchased online can easily unlock the iPhone in 6 hours. This isn’t a costly device, anyone can purchase it for the price of only $170. However, the device only works for iOS 7 devices. Given that most iPhones are already on iOS 9 which is a lot more secure, the unlocker will only be able to work with a few Apple devices out there still on the old iOS version.
IP-Box successfully unlocking an iPhone 5c. Image credit: The Daily Mail

IP Box tries different passcode combinations using brute force attack. Normally, the iPhone becomes disabled after five wrong passcode attempts but the device is able to keep trying different combinations without this limitation. The Daily Mail purchased this device and tried to unlock an iPhone 5c, the same model found on the San Bernadino shooter. After about 6 hours, the code was cracked and the phone was unlocked.

Normally, all possible combinations will be tried and this may take up to 16 hours. Depending on what the passcode is, the process can take between a few seconds to 16 hours.

IP Box: good intentions, bad purposes

With a device this like, the first thing that comes to mind is that it will be easier for thieves to gain access to stolen iPhones. This is true, but Fone Fun Shop director, Mark Strachan, told the Daily Mail that it was created with good intentions.

We already supply forensic tools to law enforcement within the UK and worldwide and decided to introduce it into our line of products. There are certain scenarios where this kind of technology is needed to help people for the right reasons, it’s not all bad.

He continued:

We have helped many families who had a family member die suddenly get sentimental photos off their locked device. We have also helped many people get access to all their phone book contacts, especially people in business, who put everything in their iPhones such as suppliers and customer contact details that would be totally lost unless they cracked the passcode to their phone.
iOS 9-compatible IP Box is already on the way

As good as it looks, this device only works with iOS 7 devices but according to Mark Strachan, a version compatible with iOS 9 should be released this month.

This isn’t looking good for Apple and there’s a chance this won’t go unpatched. We can only believe Apple is working to beef up iOS security with the release of iOS 10 later this year.
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