Would Apple Get Rid Of The Physical Keyboard On The MacBook?

As everyone is moving towards ultra-slim notebooks, Apple is trying to move a step closer with the new patent published on Thursday. The new patent application outlines a laptop with no keyboard, but a rather flat surface in place of where the keyboard would normally be.

There is no doubt that this, if implemented, will make the MacBook even a lot thinner than it is right now. This will act as a virtual keyboard with haptic feedback. The patent application explains:

The trackpad features built-in force sensors that allow you to click anywhere and haptic feedback that provides a responsive and uniform feel.

This may be similar to Apple’s Force Touch trackpad that relies on haptic technology found on the most recent MacBook models. The patent was filed last year but was published only on Thursday.

Tapping the surface will let users get feedback in form of small vibrations. This is created by a small motor.

As with existing MacBook keyboards this will also be lighted up, but with a different technology. This will be done through “micro-perforations” on the flat surface that lights up the virtual buttons.

Apple takes it a step further — the keyboard will be configurable by the user. This means that you will be able to setup the keyboard for different tasks. You may be able to switch between regular a keyboard and one customized for gaming.

There is no guarantee this will ship with the MacBook anytime soon. Apple and similar companies patent different inventions and technology all the time just to protect the idea being developed by someone else.
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