Airtel Unlimited Hourly Night Plan Has Been Stopped Without Prior Notice

Why on earth will Airtel just discontinue my favourite plan without any single notice? Last midnight, Airtel unlimited hourly night plan didn’t just work, after series of trial, all it displayed was a message just like the one in the image below.

This is an irrational decision taken by Airtel and not telling their customers prior notice gets me even angrier.

Airtel unlimited hourly night plan has been a life saver for us now that everything seem stalled, no cheat and not even the cheap data comes in handy anymore.

OH NO!!!!

Airtel have really done us strong thing, and I hope they bring this timely based plan back! This isn’t fair na!!

The question now is, is Airtel reviewing the prices or are they just having a system upgrade/issues? Whichever the case might be, Airtel should restore our unlimited browsing hope!
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