Bad News: Nigerian Publishers Will Suffer Low Revenue As Opera Mini and UC web Launches Ad Blocking Feature

Opera Mini Software in general introduced new feature to there softwares both for mobile and for pc and this was call VPN, to many opera mini users who knows what VPN was all about liked this features and the VPN feature also made more people use opera mini because of the security it offers when a user is on the internet and it also saves data.

The sad news is, a few days ago opera mini added a new feature to there latest version of opera mini which is ad-blocking feature and the popular UC Web has also join in implementing this Feature. It wouldn’t have being this bad if it was just the desktop browser, but this new feature is  implemented in all Opera Mini and UC browsers including Android OS as well.

For regular users, this is good news. At least, concerned users will no longer be bothered with display ads on their mobile browser, and web pages become streamlined. Main content become more readable and, of course, the peace of mind you get when there are no distractions makes ad-blocking a must-have feature for a number of internet users.

This is why a whopping 28% of internet users in the US have this feature enabled in their browsers. A lot of web publishers in Nigeria will be seriously affected.

What This Means for Nigerian Web Publishers

Nigeria has most of its internet users on mobile and that’s a fact. Even though Nigeria is the 7th country in the world with the highest numbers on internet users, a greater percentage of Nigerians only access the internet through their smartphones. Opera Mini is a very popular browser and it presently takes 72% of the mobile browsers marketshare.

Many manufacturers Embed Opera mini browser as there inbuilt browser like Nokia. Basically 7 out of 10 Nigerians use Opera Mini as the default browsers on their phones. Publishers who monetize their mobile content through display ads will be terribly hit. Huge revenue drop may be experienced as more and more people upgrade to the latest version of Opera Mini.

Even worse, Opera asks you to enable the ad-blocking feature the moment you upgrade to the latest version and launch the app. When 7 out of 10 people visiting a website have already block ads from displaying, the result can be really devastating.

What is The Faith of Nigerian Publishers?

Opera Software goes all out on display ads. AdBlock Plus is the most popular ad-blocking extension for Firefox and Google Chrome but they had to make some adjustments a few years ago. Ads by Google can be whitelisted and it was reported that Google paid the developers some amount to enable this. Certain ads are classified as unobtrusive and are shown.

For now, unless Opera makes some adjustments, nothing can be done and publishers may need to prepare for the incoming revenue crumble.
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