How To Charge Your Phone With A Burning Fire and a tool called flamstower cost $100

You can now charge your phone and power bank when they are drained out and there is no electricity and you do not know if there will be electricity power that day or may be you find your self in a camp were electricity is not an option. All you need do is to startup a fire and use the flamstower charger which cost $100.

This source of charging can also charge other device apart from your phone and power bank, do not expect it to charge your phone like regular electricity or power bank charge, it might be slow in charging depending on the heat it gets

Watch Video Below:

This Power Source is Just Physics: a blads that protrudes from the device is placed directly into the flame and this absorbs thermal energy. This thermal energy is transferred to a generator kept cool by a small water reservoir. The difference in temperature is enough to create enough electricity to charge any small device.

Note: this is more like a backup plan, dont use it for regular charge because it might damage your battery of device.

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