How To Get 7GB For N700 on Airtel Network

Tweaking is just correct application of knowledge… What you are about to read is what you already know just that some of you haven’t taken cognizance of it. I didn’t intend to arouse your expectations neither do I expects that it will be unusually high when it comes to cheap data. 7GB for N700 is an interesting package you already know. There are 3 more on other networks which I’ll share with you later on but not now.

It is not a cheat, but simply addition of knowledge. The package only exists on Airtel Network. Well, Airtel called it weekend plan but to me, it has gone beyond weekend plan.
Airtel weekend plan can simply be accumulated the way you want to be use when the time is ripe. This is how I got my own 7GB every weekend.

>>Airtel only allow you to subscribe once pay day, which means that you can only get 1GB per day
>>The gigs can be accumulated till weekend
>>The more you subscribe the more the expiry date extends.

So I sub from Sunday till Saturday, and then use the plan for weekend without thinking of anything data exhaustion.

How Can I Subscribe?

It is simple, dial *474*1#... If you are not eligible, get a new Airtel SIM.
Remember, this is just one out of the 3. More is still coming.
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