How to Hide Contact Photos in Messages on the iPhone

By default, on an iPhone 6/6 Plus or 6S/6S Plus, photos for your contacts are displayed in the Messages app. If you don’t want to see those photos, though, you can hide them with a simple setting.

There are various reasons for hiding the photos in Messages. Maybe you don’t have photos for many of your contacts, and you don’t want to see the default silhouette. Or, maybe you just want more screen real estate devoted to the messages, so you can see more of each message in the list. In any case, we’ll show where to find the setting to hide the photos in Messages.

To begin, tap “Settings” on the Home screen.

On the Settings screen, tap “Messages”.

Tap the “Show Contact Photos” slider button on the Messages screen to turn off the option.

The slider button will turn white when the option is off.

Now, you won’t see any photos next to the contact names in the Messages app.

Note that this procedure only applies to the iPhone 6/6 Plus and 6S/6S Plus, as they are the only iPhones that can show contact photos in the Messages app.
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