How To Quickly Access Drafts in the iOS Mail App with a Long-Press

Perhaps you have drafts of old messages you didn’t have time to finish, or maybe you use draft messages as templates so you don’t have to type things over and over again. However you use drafts, here’s a quicker way to access them in the iOS Mail app instead of browsing around for your Drafts folder.

When viewing any folder in, just tap and hold the Compose button.

The Mail app will pop open a list of all your draft messages. Find the one you want and tap it to open its message window.

Finish off your message and send it where it needs to go. Or you can tap Cancel to save any changes you’ve made to the draft.

That’s all there is to it. It’s a simple tip, but it offers a quicker way to access drafts than browsing to your drafts folder.
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