How To Reverse A Changed IMEI To Its Original IMEI

IMEI tweaking is process of changing the IMEI number of a phone into a different IMEI using IMEI tweaking application on mobile or PC.

I know some of you might want to ask.. Why do people change IMEI?

IMEI changing is for the purpose of using blackberry plans on Android, but this happens to work only on phones such as Tecno, Infinix, Injoo and other Mediatek enabled phones. Click to read more!

A lot of users have searched through the blog seeking for a very weird solution to any easy problem. Imagine someone asking me how to reverse a changed IMEI to its original IMEI number, to me, this question is similar to asking “how can I unknot a tie that you tied yourself?“

Whichever the case might be, this is NKH, we will show you know how to do it, no matter how simple. Just follow the simple tips below.


Method 1

If you’ve changed an IMEI and want to reverse it, a factory reset should reverse the process instantly.

  • Locate settings
  • Navigate to reset and backup
  • Click on Reset device (Not compulsory; you can choose to wipe user data or not)
  • After resetting, phone should go back to factory mode. (No apps, no data, everything will be reset)
  • Dial *#06# to verify that IMEI has been restored to default.
Method 2

This method requires you to boot to recovery mode…

  • Hold volume up + power button to boot to recovery
  • Use volume up & down to navigate, power button to select (this varies in different device)
  • Navigate to wipe data, then select.
  • After process is successful, navigate to reboot and reboot phone.
  • Dial *#06# to verify that IMEI has been restored to default.
Method 3

This method is just perfect, no stress… The same way you changed your phone’s imei is the same way you’d reverse it.
  • NB: Must have the original IMEI saved somewhere or just remove battery then check back of the phone for it.
  • Open your MTK Engineering Mode/Mobile Uncle/SP Flash Tool (all these are IMEI changing apps, make use of what you know how to use best); I will be using MTK engineering mode.
  • Slide to connectivity.
  • Click MTK settings, open CDS information, then Radio Information.
  • Select either phone 1 or 2..
  • Click here to continue.
These three methods listed above should help you restored or reverse a changed IMEI to its original IMEI. I hope am free now? #smiles# Goodluck
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