InnJoo Set to Release New Product Line called InnJoo A Plus In May 2016

After his death, It only took Jesus 3 days to rise again but took Injoo 5 months to awaken. InnJoo has been quiet for too long, in 2016 I’ve always thought they will break the silence and put smiles on our faces. Oh yeah, they did!

Now that the love for InnJoo is about to reignite, now that they’ve chose to come back stronger with something completely out of this world, something never seen before (oh wait, is there a phone we’ve not seen before?), whichever the case might be, Injoo has definitely promised to release a brand new device in 2016.

Have you heard of InnJoo A+, this is a new products line created to compete with so many device currently in the market, though Injoo hadn’t released any news on the InnJoo A+ specs, features and price but from the look of things… 

Expect to see a large screen phone, expanded battery life capacity, Marshmallow Android 6.0, 4G LTE broadband and may be fingerprint scanner.

Expect to see this phone before May 2016 runs out, watch out for the release of InnJoo A+ full specs, features and price in Nigeria.
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