Leaving Your Phone On-Charge, Will It Damage Your Battery or Phone?

This Question have been asked several times and most people get the wrong answers and some end up been confuse at the end of an explanation, some people will say "modern phones automatically stops changing when there phone is 100% charged" and some will say "Phones are always charging as far as its plugged to charge", they will continue to say "that the 100% charge simply means it has reached its maximum charge unit and you can now unplug it".

Phasing The Facts: Some phones will signal you when your phone is completely charge and prompt you to unplug it.

There have been cases when phones were plugged on charge all-night and breaking the next day the phones refuse to Boot/ Power ON, In some cases the battery got swollen,

in some cases the phones get bunt.

Note: All the stipulated results occur in fake Phones. Someone May Ask, What About Original Phones What Happens to Them.

Shane Broesky (co-founder, Farbe Technik, a charging accessories company.)

Said That:
Leaving your phone plugged in overnight is okay to do, it will not drastically harm your device.
Lithium-ion batteries can react poorly if your phone experiences elevated temperatures, leading to a damaging effect. If you have a case on your device that does not allow heat to escape, this heat will increase the temperature of the battery and will cause cell oxidation, which will shrink the capacity and shorten the lifespan.
 Although some other Professionals disagrees with him,

Final Verdict:

If you are using a Lithium-ion battery you can plug your phone to charge over night but not always. As the popular saying "Prevention Is Better Than Cure" because keeping your phone on charge overnight will make your battery get hot, making it to expand in return reduce the battery capacity. I will advice those that use phones that are always hot or gets hot when fully charged not to leave there phone on charge all-night because it will drastically reduce there battery life spam.

To wrap up, battery manufacturers and experts advise that we should keep these modern batteries at 50% – 80% charge for a prolonged battery life, most especially Litium-ion batteries (Pocket Lint).

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