LESSON 1: Introduction to Web Development (Web Design)

This introduction to web development is Dedicated to those who has been searching the web, looking for tutorials on how to develop web document like a website and to those who are finding it difficult understanding the element of web development. I Donraph promise a success in your quest in developing web document.

Developing a website can not be possible without understanding the basic or element of web development, to archive the best with this document take your time to read this post and understand them and also try the examples.

This introduction post will introduce you to the Internet or web and also explain some of the words we find or use on the web without knowing the actual meaning of it. This post will also introduce you to the basic of web development, so as to enable you know the basics of a web page.

Know This Words and There Meaning:

Internet: This simply means the physical interconnection of computers and there resources ( like routers, switches, modem and etc ) together by communication lines in a network and share there resources together.

FTP: File Transfer Protocol it allows a user to log into a remote computer as though it were a local system.

WWW: World Wide Web is a way of exchanging information between computers on the internet, tying them together into a vast collection of interactive multimedia resources.

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol its the protocol being used to transfer hypertext documents that makes the World Wide Web possible. A standard web address such as http://donraph.blogspot.com is called a URL and here the prefix http indicates its protocol.

URL: Uniform Resource Locator its the fundamental network identification for any resources connected to he web for example, hypertext pages,images, and sound files. A URL its used to specify addresses on the World Wide Web.

this simply means a combination of web pages, that an individual can visit through the web address to find information or for other purposes.

Web Page:
this is the particular page an individual can see at a particular time on a website.

This is the first page an individual interact with in a website. Web developers called it the “index” page.

Web Server: every website sits on a computer known as a web server and a web sever is always connected to the internet to enable people use the website that is located on the server. Every web server has an ip address.

IP Address: its a unique address made up of a series of four numbers between 0 and 256 separated by periods (for example, and assigned to all computers and networked devices connected to the internet.

Web Browser:
they are softwares or programs that enables an individual to access web document. When you are using the web browser, this act is called browsing or surfing.

Internet Services Provider are the companies who provide Internet connection access to the Internet and this access may be payed for either daily, weekly, monthly or etc.

Hypertext Markup Language its a language in which web developer like you will use to write web pages for a website. Even the page you are reading write now is written in HTML.

Hyperlinks: also known as link is a selectable element in an electronic document that serves as an access point to other electronic resources. Typically, when you click the hyperlink it takes you to the linked resources. Some hyperlink element we will be using are buttons, icons, image maps, and clickable text links.

DNS: Domain Name System/Server, when you type http://donraph.blogspot.com in your web browser, your web browser will ask the domain name system to find the name you entered and return result.

How You Connect To the Web:

your computer: which is used to access the web

a web browser: a software which fetches the information you need.

An internet connection:
this is provided by an ISP and connects you to the internet.

A web server:
this is the computer on which a web site is hosted.

Routers and switches:
they are the combination of software and hardware who take your request and pass to appropriate web server.


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