Major Disadvantages Of Rooting Your Android Device

Android has many benefits which gives the phone a better, optimized appearance and flexibility during usage. These Android Rooting benefits also come along with some disadvantages too, knowing how rooting tends to cause damage and others is something you really have to consider before rooting any device.

Here are the major disadvantages of rooting your device. You can also see disadvantages of using an android smart phone.

Disadvantages of Rooting Your Android


No matter how perfect or correct a rooting tutor might be, bricking have been far the biggest enemy of rooting any android device. This effect happens as a result of inappropriately rooting a device or follow the wrong steps while doing it. Rooting a device can be very simple depending on the root app you are using when rooting a device. Some are a bit tasking and complicated to use while some are very easy, roots as quick as seconds. Bricking happens when your phone doesn’t just boot past boot animation, you’re stuck in boot up. 

Even after switching off, restarting or rebooting it remains the same.
For advance users, they could easily get this fixed but for newbies it could be a big problem just like it happened when I bricked my Tecno d9. So for non advance user, the only way is to return the phone to the manufacturer’s service center, if they come to know that the brick or semi-brick was caused because you were trying to root your phone, you might as well be charged for it.

2.Voids Phone’s Warranty

Many doesn’t want to lose their phone’s warranties just yet, the truth remains that if you root your device say bye bye to your warranty. If anything happens to your phone even when it’s in the warranty period, the company is going to charge you for the repairs. In some of the phones, you can un-root your phone, but in most of the phones there’s is no going back.


So, you’ve seen the benefits and disadvantage of rooting. If you think that rooting the phone to run different applications and install custom ROM is worth it, go ahead and Root it but if on a contrary you think it’s not worth the hassle, don’t! After all it depends on what you are going to use the phone for. So proceed with caution and purpose.

What are your experiences about Rooting? Are you going to root your Android phone? Are you not? Why must you root it? Share your views using the comment box below.
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