Meet Tecno L8 Plus | A 2GB Ram Variant Of The Tecno L8

I’ve read blog articles informing us all of the new and most recent Tecno phone, but on a contrary… I’ve been wondering, why on earth will Tecno device means to get cash out of our pocket in the name of 2GB RAM?

Last month, Tecno L8 was launched but to my greatest surprise, in less than a month, I’ve seen news on another L8, they call it Tecno L8 Plus!

Wow this is actually funny and annoying because, the rumoured specs had only its RAM expanded and not sure if it was changed from Lollipop 5.1 to Marshmallow 6.0. However, i only see this as a means to make more, they do not consider what happens to these 1GB RAM device in the nearest future.

Though, I’m not against having variants of a particular device but am solely against having a variant with mere RAM differences. Variant means variation, yes we know.. But this should actually go much more than having only one featured variation.

Am going to pick out two phones as examples, The Tecno L8 and Infinix Note 2.

Significant modifications were..

Tecno L8 – 1GB RAM (N35,000)
Tecno L8 Plus – 2GB RAM (Not Available)
Infinix Note 2 – 1GB RAM (N37,000)
Infinix Note 2 LTE – 2GB RAM + 4G (N44,000)

Look at those, “variants” is what they call it, but, I see them as self-centered marketing trick.

As a matter of fact, I want to see variations going much more than just these few changes… I want to see modifications in the areas of..
  • Battery
  • Processor
  • Body & Design
  • ROM
  • Network & more
Variants or no variants, i must commend Tecno for this brand of Android phone, I did a full review of the Tecno L8 Android phone and it performed excellent. So I expect nothing less on the Tecno L8 Plus Android phone. Expect to see full review and specifications of the Tecno L8 Plus.


OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop
Processor: 1.3 Quad-Core Mediatek
UI: Tecno HiOS
Battery: 5050mAh Non-Removable Battery
Display: 5.5″
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