Pavlok: This Wristband Will Help You Break Bad Habits With Shocks

This is not just the 21st century, but the age where new technology evolves every day with new innovations. Like the sayings goes, too much of everything is not good. Some of the things we do daily have even turn into a habit that a lot of us find it difficult to leave.

We’re all guilty of one habit or the other, some of you even sleep too much, talk too much, eat too much… and all goes on. They’ve often told us that whatever you do for 21 days becomes part of you. But what if you are told you can stop bad habits in 5 days?

Meet Pavlok, the first device that helps you break bad habits by deleting temptation for good. It’s a small device that will send small shocks to you whenever you engage in a bad habit you’d like to break. All you have to do is input whatever it is you’d like to stop doing into the accompanying app and then wear it. It gives you a small electric shock every time you don’t meet your goals, no matter what they are.

It can be programmed to give you a zap of electric shock when you’re eating too much, spending too much, gaming too much, visiting certain websites too much, smoking, or even lying too much.
Its official app is available for iOS and Android app but it is not fully automated for now. Visit Amazon to get the device.

I’m pretty sure you don’t need prayers to stop all bad habit, you need Pavlok! What do you think?
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